Learning to wire…


Gabe and I spent last weekend installing the intercom system in our house.   In addition we added a few additional components to the alarm system that we didn’t install originally.

Most of the weekend was spent pulling wires and such.   Yesterday we did the final pieces to power the system up.    I got to wire my first keypad into the system.   A lot easier to work with than PC-innards, I’ve decided.  


Up in the sky…


Space Shuttle Discovery took its final flight today on its way to becoming an artifact at the Smithsonian’s National Air & Space museum.     Kind of wish I had been in Washington DC to see its fly-over.


In other news, SpaceX has announced a launch date for April 30th for its next Dragon capsule.   If the mission is successful this will be the first visit to the International Space Station by a private space-craft.    This is a big deal for the future of America’s space program, as commercial operators will be responsible for getting supplies (and quite possibly crew) to and from things like the space station.

Only a week…


It was a week ago today that I had to make that very tough decision.    Sunny was not doing well.   It had been several days since I had seen him eat anything (and months since I had seen him eat more than a few small bites).    He wasn’t drinking as much water as in the previous days.

His was time was coming.

What did it for me was walking into the bedroom and finding him on the floor.   Gabe and I had just been having another shouting match on the phone.   So I was rather angered, but that all turned to dispair when I saw him.    He had obviously fallen off the bed and was laying on the floor a bit twisted up.     I honestly thought I was going to pick up a corpse…that it had happened and he was gone.    I literally jumped when he moved.    I got him all righted and took him out to the living room where he could have a comfortable place to lay without having to get up and down off furniture.

That had been our fear, that he’d fall and hurt himself and at that point would be suffering in pain.

I broke down again.   Got ahold of Gabe, told him what was up.   Told him I thought it was time to make the call.   He told me to go ahead with it.

I procrastinated for several hours.   Logically I knew it was the right thing to do.   But my heart didn’t want to lose him.    Felt selfish for wanting to keep him around when he clearly had a low quality of life with no chance of improvement.  Felt selfish for wanting to give him peace, because I kept having that thought of “I” don’t want to see him like this anymore.

But it was the right thing to do.   Gabe finally prodded me into action and I scheduled the euthanasia for that evening.   While I was waiting to hear back on confrimation, I took Sunny outside to lay in the sun for the last time.    While we were out there he started having some problems.   Wanted to walk somewhere, but couldn’t lift himself.  I helped and we made it a few feet.   Then he laid back down.  I picked him up and held him for a bit.   Was going to bring him back inside where it was warmer.    His back arched and he pee’d on me.   Then was having difficult breathing again like when I got him straightened out from his fall.

Gabe came home and Sunny’s breathing got better.   At that point I had confirmation.  Sunny only had a few more hours with us.

HIs dad held him the whole time.     Those were the hardest hours… knowing that each tick of the clock meant it was that much closer to having our kitty forcibly put to death.    I don’t want to use euphemisms here.  I scheduled his death and it was a very difficult thing to put myself through, even knowing it was the best thing I could do for him.   I don’t like having that kind of power over something.    But I know it’s a situation I’m going to face again… at least three more times in my life.

The sick feeling in my stomach when the vet’s van pulled up is something I won’t soon forget.   The couple hours spent petting the cat and watching the clock did not prepare me for the inevitable consequence of my decision.

She was here, and Sunny would not be much longer.      Props to the vet though.  She was very kind and thorough.    Gave me a hug when I offered my hand to shake.

The rest went pretty routine.  She explained what to expect, what she was gonna do, and gave us a few moments to prepare.   Then came the injections and Sunny finally didn’t have to be trapped in a failing body.


Today is the first day I’ve cried about it since we buried him.    I find myself avoiding my own back yard.   Everytime I look out the window I find myself looking for him.    I want the trees and plants to mourn is absence, but nature isn’t like that.    The backyard goes on unphased, but the cat that ruled over it is no more.

I miss him.    I hate my back yard for not sharing that sentiment… ridiculous as that is.

Rest in Peace


We laid our Sunny to rest today, alongside his sister Cher.      Always have him in our hearts.   It was a beautiful day today… the perfect day for him.

I’ll miss my little buddy.   


Sunny the Cat

November 1999 ~ February 23, 2012

Sunny and the Case of my Alleged Twin


Don’t ask me how… but Sunny is still alive.    The cat hasn’t eaten anything (to my knowledge) in over a week now.    Still drinking water.     I don’t think he’s pee’d in the last two days though, so that’s not good.

Somehow… he persists.    Toughest cat I think I’ve ever known.     Unfortunately his body continues to fail him despite his perserverance.     He’s been having a real hard time moving around the past couple of days as well.

So far, he seems relatively comfortable though.    I don’t imagine he feels all that good, but he isn’t showing any signs of pain or anything.      Still, I sense his time grows ever shorter.    I’m just glad I have the opportunity to be with him during the day and not having to leave him alone while both his ‘people’ hide out in an office.   Working from home is a significant advantage I’m grateful to have the option of.



I have received yet another report that someone encountered my twin.    Now, for the record, I don’t have a twin brother.    Though the frequency of which I’m told someone saw him is starting to make me wonder.     Parental units?   Anything you want to tell me?

This has been ongoing for years.     I think the first instance was in an airport with my brother who, while walking with me to a gate, spotted someone sporting striking resemblance to me boarding a different plane.     Apparently in an outfit similar to stuff I wore at the time as well, furthering this theory of me having a twin.

I was approached in a Shop-Ko once, when we still had those, by someone who thought I was my brother.    He and I do look a lot a like, so its easy enough for people to mistake us if they don’t encounter us regularly.    But that’s different from what other people have been telling me.

There is a guy, apparently in Carson City (or at least a frequent visitor down that way) that apparently looks just like me… as I’m either asked if I was out and about in Carson City or just told outright “I just saw your twin!”   (such as the text message from my friend Zach yesterday evening).

I really want to meet this guy and see for myself.