Mars or Bust

So the test flight isn’t really going anywhere, except further out than we’ve sent any spacecraft intended to carry human life in several decades.


and now for some magic….

I had seen something similar with coins, so I thought I had it figured out… until he put his hand through solid glass! (well, seemingly solid I suppose… ah the Artes of Illusion!)

Jedi Mind Tricks

Yes. It finally worked. The power of the Q is slowly growing in me.

So there I was, sitting in the food court of the Peppermill, enjoying a BLT and some fries when I realized I was without any of the Heinz.

Across the way, by the cash registers, the bottle taunted me, beckoning at me with its red saucy goodness.

So I stuck up my hand and started to pull it towards me, with only the power of thought.

Wouldn’t you know it, but at that exact moment, the waiter grabbed the bottle, and carried it over to me.

Kinda freaked those at my table out. Cause I had mentioned using Jedi Mind Powers to get the bottle, and this kid James that was there also said something about using Jedi Mind Powers. And lo and behold, Jedi Mind Powers seem to have worked this time.

I get to go to the American Flats soon.

Trials and Tribbleations

Got some comm traffic from the ex today. Regarding insurance. Funny how he’s only nice to me when he wants something from me. My dick, my weed, my food, my insurance. Ah, it feels so good to be used. Heh heh. Funny too how he thinks being nice to get something somehow negates all the bad blood between us… like I’ll suddenly forget the crap he gave me hours before.

Ah well, this isn’t news to me. I lived it for a good long time. Nice only when he wants something, an ass all the other times. And some innate belief that I’m stupid or something and can’t tell the difference, or that I won’t remember the grievances in the face of a few batted eyelashes and nice words.

Some people’s children.

But what I’m mostly focused on today is the impending launch of the spaceshuttle discovery. Just a few more hours now. Then a 12 day wait to make sure it lands safe and sound. Kinda nail-biting really. And the sad thing is, will we really know its safer? I mean, how many shuttle flights succeeded with foam debris raining down on the orbiters during ascent… only to result in a “safe” landing at the end of the trip? At least the shuttles have been improved to increase their safety. Its still experimental afterall.

So my step-mom is off to jail. For like 2 months basically. Then some 50 hours or so of community service and a five-year probation. All cause she got railroaded. I mean, she really is innocent, no solid evidience anywhere, just speculation based on what her ex-boyfriend did/said. But she got railroaded into making a plea bargain. I wish I were a lawyer. Just not sure I have the patience for it.

UPDATE: July 13, 2005 12:16 PDT

The space shuttle Discovery’s launch today has been scrubbed due to a glitch with one of the fuel tank sensors. Fortunantly there are still windows of opportunity this week as well as during the course of July. Hopefully we go during one of these, or else Discovery will be sitting around until September.

More ruminations

So my cat ran away again. This time she was found by some people who posted some signs up to help me locate her. She needs a collar I think, before she runs off and is never heard from again. I liked their description of her: Black with no markings, smart, friendly, and apparently used to a dog. Yeah, she’s fearless like that.

I find myself restless of late. Located my body pillow so at least now I have something to curl up around. I’ve gotten so damn used to having someone to cuddle up to every night and morning that its been hard to sleep right. The body pillow I named Phil years ago and it does its job. Not a true substitute, but close enough. Thought the evil forces of Mike had taken it, but alas it was just shoved in a corner and forgotten. Of course I found myself on top of it, pushing my wood into it this morning. I guess I’m in need of some luvin and sexual gratification.

Lately I’ve just been trying to burn through time. Put ever more distance between me and my past. I guess I figure the longer that passes, the less I’ll care. So the faster my days go, the sooner it’ll be months ago, and finally years ago.

And this damn heat. My body is starting to succumb. I can’t keep myself hydrated enough. Though last night the kidney’s started acting up just after I finished off a bottle of water. Man that shit hurts. A part of me just wants to let the old body wind down though. I’ve grown quite tired of this life. But there is still more for me to do here so I guess I have little choice but to chug along.

Four more days, if I count today, and my Holy Night of Sci Fi will return, albeit without any Enterprise or other Star Trek to witness. Its kinda bittersweet. Battlestar Galactica will carry me through though. Ron Moore rocks.

Sometimes I wish life were a video game. Then I could go on murderous rampages and punish those who cross my path.

Strange thoughts and strange dreams

I chalk this up more to a conversation I had last night regarding children for gays…

But I had a dream I was a dad. A newborn baby. Not sure if it was a boy or girl, I think a girl. My sister mysteriously had a baby at exactly the same time. But I think it was more akin to adoption cause I don’t recall a mom being in the picture for mine.

At anyrate, I was overjoyed cause it was now me and this baby taking on life.

But it died. And that made me sad. I was composed about it til I saw my sister again and then I broke down and cried all over her blue dress. It was a pretty dress too as I said as much to her. Or at least she looked pretty in it. But my sister is gorgeous anyway. And trouble. ;p

There was more I was gonna write, but I became distracted with work and don’t remember what it was.

Stolen Sobe tastes better

Yeah… my drinks were heisted. But considering it was stolen by Mike as he was getting the last of his stuff out of my garage, I’m not gonna trip on it too much. I mean, we established Mike was a thief the last time he moved out of my place. So its not coming as any great shock. And the Sobe isn’t that expensive to begin with. Fortunantly I did put that lock on my door, lest the theivery be greater.

There be a hurting boy out there, trying to throw some punches… tryin to interfere in my associations with others. Tryin desperately to bring me pain in one way or another.

Some people just don’t learn, no matter how hard you beat them over the head.