How dare thee, indeed.

There is a certain ridiculousness in judging a deity on human terms. Whatever their nature (and if they exist they would have one) something that is all powerful and all knowing, even if only within their own domain, has an existence quite alien from mine. I doubt I could conceive it. I’m limited by human perception. That’s just the nature and price of being a human being. I accept that.

I would expect such a being would laugh at this and if as benevolent as we are told to believe, provide answers that satisfy.

However I don’t believe in this god. For all the reasons Stephen Fry lists and many more along those same lines. If that kind of god really did exist and created all this, than it was foolish to give humanity a sense of judgement that would view it as a maniac and anything but benevolent. Maybe it’s the Cylon in me talking, but it seems just to rise against such a creator.

So no. I do not surrender my sovereignty to such a being.   There are other notions of god I find more acceptable and am more willing to entertain. But for all practical purposes of day-to-day living I’m just going to stick to venerating nature. It’s beautiful and ugly and full of much wonder and much horror. The only things in this great big universe deserving of my bent knee do not demand such of me.


I will die free, or not at all.


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